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XCastLabs, Inc: Nation’s leading provider of Business Enterprise Solutions

XCastLabs, Inc: Nation’s leading provider of Business Enterprise Solutions

Running an effective enterprise requires experience, skills, and business acumen, but most of all – wise management of business processes, and use of advantages of enterprise resource planning. The competitive nature of modern markets forces entrepreneurs to seize every available opportunity, including technological advances, to maximize efficiency and stay ahead of the rivals. No matter the size of your business.

XCast’s versatile and proprietary VoIP technology can meet your 21st century communications needs. XCast’s broad suite of products—Hosted IP-PBX, SIP Trunking, Carrier Services and Call Center Solutions—are available directly from XCastLabs or through its white label Resellers, its agent partners, carriers or call centers.

We sat down with Pat Mathis, Co-Founder and Executive Chair and Vladimir Smelyansky, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer to get a deeper understanding of the company

Q. How has your decades of experience in VoiP carved you into someone new?

Everyone has been required to make often extreme changes in recent decades. While our engineering team has been at the forefront of many innovations in unified communications, we have had to balance innovation with adaptation. Innovation is about anticipation of the future--seeing possibilities—while adaptation is the ability to quickly shift gears to respond to market and economic shifts.

The 1990s epoch was a period of great innovation, following the breakup of the Bell monopolies in the 1980s. The digital revolution that began in the 90s released an enormous amount of creative energy and economic growth. XCastLabs’ engineering team was among the first to blaze new trails and was the first to install a softswitch in a major carrier in the late 1990s. It was a time of great excitement and great expectations.

But when the tech bubble burst in 2001, many great ideas erupting from small companies were absorbed bylarger companies with more resources. For small companies, this economic shift required the kind of adaptation that balances hope and disappointment—and the fortitude to persevere.

Q. How unique is your XCast’s technology in every way?

We sometimes say we have a lot of imitators, but we were the “first and still the best.” In 2002 we designed and developed every aspect of our technology solution in-house which gave us the ability to address customers’ needs and requirements without dependency on outside vendors.

The XCast platform is designed to scale from a single server handling ten thousand users to multi-server clusters serving millions. The lack of third-party licensing fees allows XCast to have an unconventionally low cost of operations as well as uncommon flexibility introducing new features or services dictated by business needs.

XCast’s 20-year reputation is built on its network quality, reliability and flexibility to adapt to different customer requirements. Our recent architectural redesign allows applications and solutions unique to different vertical markets—like hotels, health services, schools, and other specialized business environments.

Our product suite includes advanced VoIP and SIP Trunking features and an intelligent wholesale platform. These products allow our Resellers to serve various markets and business segments. Their customers include telecom service providers, call centers, residential services, corporate call centers, private label resellers, ISPs, CLECS, and rural telephone companies.

Q. In what way does XCast’s Cloud Contact Center have a cutting edge over traditional hardware?

Our software-based Contact Center solution is an expanded feature of our Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) which is incorporated within our basic Hosted PBX services platform. We understand that call centers come in all shapes and sizes and serve different markets. Small-to-mid-size call centers do not need the vast library of features that are appropriate for large call centers.

XCast responded to this demand for affordable software by creating a scaled down solution that can dramatically reduce the costs for smaller call centers while also meeting all the genuine needs for quality call and agent management. Our system provides complete control and access to call monitoring and agent management whether on-site or from remote locations.

Brief us about other products and their features

The company’s core product is its Hosted PBX. Our platform was designed to scale to any size necessary. We also focused on ease of use so that all one needs to activate and use XCast’s services are internet services. The company provisions the phones before they are shipped to customers so that becoming a customer is virtually a plug and play” experience. Once service is initiated a customer can utilize all the unified communications features included in the service. Resellers can customize their own product through their unique and personal portal. Customers can manage their own call routing, call recording and conferencing—plus many other features customized for individual environments.

Our Web-based Administrative Voice Control Panel (VCP). Is a core feature. This feature allows business users to customize PBX features such as menu trees, set up multiple divisions, call groups or other changes to adapt for unique business environment. Our VCP differentiates XCast from most providers who are unable to provide this type of flexibility. Some of the features include:

  • The Attendant Console lets you know when multiple parties are engaged in a conference call and how long that call has been on-going. By clicking on the console call report, you can see who is actually participating in the conference call. The panel also allows a caller to initiate a call from the computer, shows status of ACD Queues, allows to barge in, monitor parked calls and many more
  • The user can intercept an incoming call to anyone using the Attendant Console. This is useful when someone is away from their desk or otherwise unavailable, you can click on that person’s name when an incoming call appears and intercept that call and redirect it to your phone or to another phone. This feature is especially valuable in offices with limited receptionist personnel who might perform initial call screening
  • Customers have a Conference Service included which allows multiple simultaneous conference calls to occur at the same time by using unique user and moderator codes. The conferences can be accessed via Extension numbers, US DID or Toll-Free numbers. A business could have 20 employees who each have a unique conference bridge for their use. Their individual conference bridges can be accessed by the same number at the same time. The system will partition the conference calls based upon the user and moderator codes
  • Adaptation to individual organizational structure allows customization for any business environment. For instance, managers might allow international calling from one location, but not another. Divisional billing options produce reports that reveal a physical location’s association with a particular device
  • Call Groups enable a group or extension by dialing a specific number on a menu tree or a unique DID. You can set up a call group that allows it to ring either phones sequentially or simultaneously. A manager can create queues that designate a call to ring all extensions at once or move from one extension to the next.The Intercom Group feature allows you to set up an intercom group to dial an intercom group by extension so that you can call blast to their entire designated group

In order to provide a comprehensive “one-stop shopping” experience, we also offer two types of SIP trunks—address and device—that allow small businesses to affordably use an internet connection to transmit and receive all digital information—including voice calls, text and video. Address trunks transmit data from one specific IP address to another specific IP address. For those customers or Resellers with specific needs, we can provide wholesale termination to expand their suite of offerings.

Give us a brief bio of CEO/Founder

Pat Mathis is Co-Founder and Executive Chair and Vladimir Smelyansky is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. 

Pat is an acknowledged leader in the communications and unified communications space since divestiture. She has been a board member or CEO of several, prominent communications companies. They have been partners in various endeavors for the past twenty-five years and Vladimir has over 25 years of leadership in the development and deployment of cutting edge technologies spanning image and voice recognition, real time networking, telephony and VoIP.

“We are America’s first in VoIP communications!”

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