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Xtramile Soft: Delivering Intelligent IT and Mobile Solutions

Xtramile Soft: Delivering Intelligent IT and Mobile Solutions

The IT services industry is at a pivotal juncture of time as new delivery models, web platforms and SaaS are changing the commercial behavior. Companies are now looking for on-demand unique solutions and those in the IT industry are modifying how they function to cater to these requirements. But most of the solutions on offer are sometimes not the best fit for the specific budgets of enterprises. Cost-effectiveness plays a huge role in how organizations avail the services of IT service companies. This is where Xtramile Soft comes in. The company has had a great run since it came to being 12 years ago and has been serving the manufacturing and construction verticals in a big way.

We recently interviewed the CEO of Xtramile Soft, Vivek Vemunoori, to understand how the company has sustained such an impressive run despite being in a highly competitive industry.

The name of your company is quite interesting.

Yes (laughs), we named our company Xtramile because of the obvious, we go the extra mile to make our customers' lives better through our services.

Can you narrate the timeline of your company in a few lines?

Our Company was founded in 2007. In the beginning, we started by providing IT solutions. We were mainly focused on the manufacturing verticals initially. As we grew more confident, we started offering our services to the construction vertical in 2010-11 too. We basically grew by supporting different ERP systems for the construction and manufacturing verticals. Plus, at the time we also did some SAP for data migration.

We are now providing various services including software, support, implementation help and comprehensive customizations for different construction ERPs. We have been offering large-scale IT solutions and mobile applications to global corporations for 12 years now.

Can you explain your key services in brief?

Our business and technology application strategies help companies with their ERP. We provide implementation support for their ERPs. We also empower their subsidiaries and divisions to integrate with the ERP systems to give them more agility. We also build reports for these companies so that they can assess their operational efficiency and have a good idea of where they are on their journey to achieve their goals.

A lot of times IT directors or the CEOs think that they have to solve all the problems by themselves. But they end up hiring personnel in the heat of the moment and expect these new hires to help solve year-long issues. In this process, they end up investing more than they get in return, despite having a small budget. We provide on-demand services and help them save money and at the same time, we also save them the headache of maintaining multiple resources to mitigate their IT issues.

No company is perfect. And problems arise frequently in business. How do you maintain your stand in the market?

What we provide stands out because it is very niche. We provide IT services and customizations for construction and manufacturing that are very specific. We help companies in implementation, business optimization, business logic, customization, and also build complex reports. We also make suggestions on the next integration which could prove beneficial for our client’s operational efficiency. These offerings make us one of the very few companies in the United States who do this.

We are still growing and expanding. We are letting companies know about the services we offer. But we are working with companies who seek our services; they know that we are one of the good companies and that we have been in business for the last 12 years. Our reputation among our clients has helped us get more clients onboard as they recommend our services to others in the space. We get a lot of positive feedback from our clients and that speaks a lot for what we do.

How do you stay relevant to your customers as their requirements change?

We work with industry leaders and they are always in the know. They understand the direction industries are headed towards and they know what the next steps would be. We always align ourselves to what they need, and our services help them in the process. So, this way we stay updated and offer services which are in demand.

For example, currently most companies are looking to reduce the cost of implementation of on-premise software. So, they are increasingly looking at cloud solutions. They want to know how to integrate an enterprise cloud solution into another cloud solution. So we look at these requirements and work with the client to target these areas. Cloud is especially the area where we are growing more and more as we are helping our clients close this gap.

If you could change one thing about your company, what would it be?

We would like to improve the things that we are already working on and the services we offer. We would also like to add more personnel and many more services on to our portfolio. This is what we are working on right now.

This is the era of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Do you think that companies must embrace AI and VR for business efficiency?

Well, they're already doing it! There are multiple applications that the verticals of manufacturing and construction are already using. Companies are using Virtual Reality for architectural and safety inspections. The technology is also being used to demonstrate the walk-throughs for the future owners at construction sites and also inspectors. The technology is already reforming the entire industry.

What advice would you like to give to the budding tech companies?

It took us a couple of years to figure out what direction we wanted to go. Everybody has an inspiration behind starting their company and everybody enters the market for a reason. But my advice to those who are new to the scene is to figure out a way to grow their business. And once you figure it out, stick to it and keep building on it. It is easier said than done but you have to prove yourself.

The IT Pioneer

Vivek Vemunoori, CEO

Mr. Vemunoori is a recognized expert in the field of supply chain systems technology and development. His extensive career in the IT industry has seen him work as a project team leader, trainer, and developer. He manages large scale projects for clients all over the globe.

What the customers say

“We initially approached Xtramile Soft LLC to assist us with developing some of our custom reports using Jasper for CMiC. Since then they have helped us with Tableau dashboards for CMiC and several custom reports. We are pleased with the way Xtramile Soft approached our requirements and have carried the work diligently and in a timely manner. They offer Programming support for CMiC and other tools for developing custom applications, reports and Business Intelligent dashboards. Our Business users are extremely pleased with their overall performance. We would be happy to recommend anyone else to Xtramile Soft.”

- Rama Doshi, SphereNY

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