Alexa Yellowbrick Data is the world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments
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Yellowbrick Data is the world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Yellowbrick Data is the world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Yellowbrick Data was founded in 2014 by experts in database and flash memory technologies to simplify data warehousing. The company wanted to solve the challenges of high availability, running complex mixed workloads, support for ad-hoc SQL, computing correct answers on any schema, massive scalability and supporting large numbers of concurrent users.

Ultimately, Yellowbrick built the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse which is quick to deploy, easy to expand and simple to manage. And in doing so, the firm also fundamentally changed the economics of enterprise data warehousing to deliver the lowest acquisition and operating costs, and highest performance to its customers.

Cloud Data Warehousing Without Limits

Yellowbrick offers the elasticity and great user experience that Snowflake and other cloud-native data warehouses have, along with the reliability, control, deployment options, and excellent price/performance they don’t.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is a modern, MPP analytic database designed for the most demanding batch, real-time, interactive, and mixed workloads. We continuously implement the latest advances in software (e.g., Kubernetes) and hardware (e.g., NVMe) protocols, combine these advances with smart thinking about database architecture, and add on top a standards-based interface that’s familiar to users (PostgreSQL) for ecosystem compatibility.

The result is a modern, quickly provisioned, and easy-to-use solution that blows the doors off rivals in price/performance economics, and that can be deployed anywhere across distributed clouds (private, public, and edge networks).

Modernize quickly and easily

Get started with a test drive or POC and experience unmatched data warehouse performance. As a customer, our partners support you with a seamless production migration, providing the automation and expertise needed to get you on Yellowbrick.

Safeguard your data under rigorous compliance standards

Yellowbrick Data has experience serving customers in highly-regulated industries and government going back to its founding, so data and environment security are core values.


  • HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance; PCI-DSS, GDPR, and FedRAMP readiness
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant AES-256 encryption for data at rest, with encryption key rotation
  • SSL/TLS encryption for client communications and passwords
  • Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP integration
  • Support for Azure Private Link and AWS PrivateLink for cloud deployments
  • Fine-grained access control on any database object

Yellowbrick for Healthcare & Life Sciences

The world’s only modern data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments gives healthcare providers and pharma and biotech companies the price/performance, agility, and flexibility they need to improve care and financial outcomes in the face of massive data challenges

In Life Sciences, the Same Old Options Are No Cure

Even in ordinary times, the healthcare industry has to contend what might be the most complicated data problems in the world, including unparalleled data volumes, disparate and heterogeneous data sources, lagging digital transformation, and immense pressure to deliver faster, more accurate results—all for what are often life-or-death goals. Data-driven use cases include:

  • Drug discovery and medical device R&D
  • Electronic medical records analysis
  • Care delivery optimization
  • Precision medicine
  • Diagnostic & predictive analytics

Yellowbrick Brings:

Speed-of-Thought Performance: Makes lightning-fast complex analytics over very large structured analytic datasets possible — including real-time ingestion from new data sources (e.g. new test results)

Concurrency for 1000s of Users: Enables entire research teams pursuing multiple lines of inquiry to work on the same dataset with no loss of performance

Unified Hybrid Architecture: Lets researchers work on-premises, in a major public cloud, or both — allowing for access to shared resources like medical libraries, as well as to HIPAA-regulated data with no risk of disclosure

Extreme scalability: Supports bulk loading and real-time ingestion of massive data volumes along with ability to query new as well as historical data immediately

For example, for one company in the electronic medical records area that processes billions of complex medical records per day, a legacy Netezza data warehouse had reached the end of its viability. For one of that company’s workloads, Yellowbrick delivers 100X performance over Netezza, reducing processing time from weeks to hours. The company was able to make a successful transition to cloud-based analytics, as well.

Yellowbrick for Federal Systems

The world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments gives Federal customers the industry-leading, real-time performance and scalability they need for mission-critical applications.

All of Yellowbrick Data, Inc. products meet the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act and are approved to be acquired by the United States Government for use.

Clarity Innovations Cuts Query Latency from an Hour to Milliseconds

Clarity Innovations provides analytic software the US Intelligence Community (IC) uses to support missions to keep the nation safe. Wes Daniels, Clarity Innovation’s COO notes: “In a business sense, time is money, but in a DoD sense sometimes time is lives. Having the ability to load data faster, and query data faster is very important in our line of work.”

When Dealing with National Security, Even Milliseconds Matter

National security challenges require real-time decisions. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is the first data warehouse that can ingest massive data volumes in real time, make that data instantly queryable, and provide context from petabytes of historical data. Unlike Netezza and Teradata, it’s available as a complete and amazingly compact physical engineered system (as well as a cloud service) that doesn’t require complex projects and planning to deploy, and it’s designed to be largely self-managing -- there are no indexes or partitions to manually create.

For example, Yellowbrick offers a simple solution to the massive scale and latency requirements associated with production-level Netflow analysis. Utilizing a specialized system engineered for breakthrough performance, Yellowbrick can ingest Netflow and other data sets at line rate while still serving queries and other application needs.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is FedRAMP-ready (in addition to HIPAA and SOC checkboxes) and supports FIPS 140-2 compliant AES-256 encryption and fast erase so you can safely deploy it wherever required. Installation is easy and accomplished within hours, so you can be up and running meaningful analytics within a day, with no manual data preparation required -- just load and go. An experienced team of analytics consultants specializing in Federal customers are at the ready if and when you need them.

Yellowbrick for Retail

The world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments gives retailers a sharpened competitive edge with real-time speed, petabyte scale, and industry-leading deployment flexibility

For mass-market retailers, club stores, grocery stores, drug stores, department stores, specialty stores, and eCommerce companies, quickly and cost effectively analyzing an ever-expanding amount of data for Customer 360 and other goals has never been more important in the face of massive disruption. But it’s never been harder and more complex. Customers, sales, products, merchandise, and channels have always been the core drivers of a retail business, but now those drivers involve an ever-expanding deluge of related data from myriad sources.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse provides a path for retailers to safely transform their data and analytics infrastructure while leveraging existing systems and data sources. Its highly scalable architecture delivers 100X performance at enterprise scale, enabling retailers to build a real-time, standards-based analytics platform that leverages existing tools, models, and investments in the cloud or on-premises, while providing breakthrough price/performance and flexibility far beyond what legacy platforms like IBM Netezza and Teradata (or even Apache Hadoop), or cloud-only options like Snowflake, can provide. The result? Workloads that complete sub-seconds instead of minutes, and that includes years of historical data instead of just months. That's a huge business advantage.

Neil Carson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Previously, Neil served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Fusion-io where he was responsible for company strategy, product definitions, roadmaps, corporate development and strategic partnerships and key customer acquisitions.

Prior to Fusion-io, Neil was Chief Application Architect at Dell, where he led the platform architecture team across MessageOne, Everdream, Silverback Networks and other acquired development groups. Neil joined Dell through the acquisition of Everdream where he was Chief Architect.

Neil has also held roles at BMC/Remedy and Liberate Technologies, including Principal Product Architect and Principal Engineer. Neil has served as a technical advisor for startups Oxygen Finance and Datera Inc. Neil earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from Cranfield University.

“Enterprises rely on Yellowbrick to power critical business outcomes and get answers to the hardest business questions.”

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