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YYC Tech Consulting Transforming organizations through technology

YYC Tech Consulting Transforming organizations through technology

Companies nowadays are relying more and more on information technology and automation. YYC TECH Consulting is a value-conscious, delivery-focused technology, and management consulting company that is always looking to add significant value to companies and individuals. They have been working initiatives that include blockchain solutions, 3D printing, IoT lab prototypes, cryptocurrency software, and a cloud computing service. Leveraging their technology and management experience YYC TECH offers a value proposition that companies trust, whether small/startup companies or large enterprise organizations. Some of their exciting projects include:

  • Practitioners of AI and data analytics: Their teams analyze corporate enterprise data through PowerBI, python, and other tools, they help leaders fix their bottom-line and make decisions
  • data analysis and AI research project launched and accelerated due to the advent of COV-19. Intelliphants is a useful tool to provide a consolidated view of complex news data and current events. It is the backbone of their AI/data research
  • Builders of blockchain and crypto-currency research, collaboration and development
  • Alberta Digital Mining Company is their R&D collaboration which is exploring the potential for innovation between blockchain and industries such as agriculture, energy, and industrial manufacturing
  • SafeCoin has set out to be one of the most secure tokens available on the market. They are designed to be the world’s first cross-chain linking solution which notarizes Bitcoin and other blockchains with the goal of making crypto safer.
  • Web 3.0++ developers: They leverage technology and marketing techniques, and their consultants to grow traffic for their clients’ websites as well as their own. They are focused on professional website presence and search marketing
  • ProjectEngineer.NET: grown to a viewership of ~2 million, this is a publishing platform that allows project management professionals amongst others to share and read useful resources written by other interested professionals; also supported by their cloud and AI research
  • Modern cloud applications and complex integrations are built by their teams for clients
  • The Cloud beyond the clouds, a novel launch platform for niche cloud applications that are helping organizations of all sizes transform their businesses through available and emerging technology
  • UInventory.NET: re-imagines the inventory management system with the customer first. Technology transformation is happening for industrial partners, higher education organizations and there is potential for seamless integration with blockchain technology

YYC TECH supports clients and helps them communicate internal and external technology transformation projects. It is very important to start with a people-centric view and then move on to whatever the underlying technology requirement is. Whether you are dealing with challenges or building up your dreams in AI, blockchain, big data, analytics, or strategic technologies, their work with you will always start with your goals and a target audience.

YYC Tech Consulting uses a unified, company adapted toolset based on PROSCI principles to deliver effective change management. Through both targeted organizational change management activities and system-driven change management activities, their consultants have successfully delivered numerous change initiatives large and small. Their approach is to combine a top-down and bottom-up approach driven first by an executive-level decision team and second by an operationally focused management team. Using this unified approach ensures executive buy-in and allows them to move at a pace that fits the organization while driving project deliverables to timely completion. YYC Tech Consulting focuses on a holistic approach to technology delivery projects and programs. They put the company and people first and guide the technology selection and deployment in terms that the leaders and staff in the company can understand and follow.

The service offerings of YYC TECH:



Consult or Audit

What is your business getting right or wrong? How are staff and customers interacting with your product, service, or technology?

Whether you’re offering a simple e-commerce store, managing a massive data lake with dashboards, or assessing your current database readiness for transition to the blockchain, they meet you where you’re at and walk you to the best possible solution for your organization, department or startup.

Emerging technology deployment


Blockchain, AI, 3D printing, cryptocurrency, and cloud computing, there is a lot happening in the emerging technology field. Are you building technology, a lab, or trying to break into a market? YYC TECH will help you get there.


Organizational transformation


Engagement to assess the introduction of new technology, service line, or product to a department or the entire organization. YYC TECH will take a baseline assessment of the current organization and create a roadmap to help you address organizational issues that will arise during a technology transformation project. Once this is in place, they can shift focus to the technology deployment.


Consulting CTO

(CTO as a Service)


Many of their consultants have one or two decades worth of experience leading, transforming, and managing technology-based departments and organizations. Are you standing-up a new technology office, IT department, or tech-focused corporation? They can assess what you need and recommend the right Consulting CTO for you!



YYC TECH technology product and service focus:

Any Organization


·         Low cost, high-value website development

·         Development team as a service,

·         Full-stack development (Linux or Windows),

·         Website SEO & marketing,

·         Website and large data analytics

·         Security services



·         Hardware/software innovation,

·         R&D enablement, lab setup

·         CTO for hire, board advisory services

Small to Mid-sized Organizations


·         Office setup and management

·         Effective use of Microsoft products (O365, Power Apps, Power BI)

·         Middleware software integrations and development

Enterprise companies


·         Project rescue and recovery

·         Strategic road mapping and direction setting

·         Program and portfolio management for enterprise systems

·         Expertise in integrations, data analysis, and solution deployment

About the CEO

Jonathan M. Hartney is the Founder and CEO of YYC TECH Consulting and was recently featured as a Top 100 Canadian Professional. Jonathan has always been an entrepreneur with a passion for technology. As a result, he has opened several of his own companies in the technology space, ranging from project management to software development and high tech. 

Prior to founding YYC Tech Consulting, Jonathan studied Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Lethbridge. After graduation, he started out managing technology projects for several large companies. Jonathan also holds a master’s certificate in business analysis from Villanova University in Pennsylvania as well as a blockchain certificate from the University of Oxford. He also holds a certificate from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he participated in the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, in which his team made it to the final round of presentations as a top viable business.

“YYC Tech Consulting specializes in project/program delivery, organizational change management, business intelligence and analytics and operational excellence with focus on value and benefits realization.”

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