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ZKTeco USA — delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer place for all its inhabitants

ZKTeco USA — delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer place for all its inhabitants

If you have ever been concerned about security, managing the flow of people in and out of the office, or controlling who can access certain areas of business then you will already understand the importance of access control but have you ever considered the importance of access for your business?

Security is critical for businesses of all sizes. Whether you store confidential client information or have inventory, equipment, or employees to protect, safeguarding your business’s assets should be a top priority.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, an access control system can allow or deny access and let your employees go where they need to go. Access control systems can make life easier for your employees, save you money, and keep your workplace secure.

Whether you are a business owner weighing the pros and cons of an access control system, or an administrator searching for reasons to get one, ZKTeco USA provides some of the best biometrics-based access control systems in the market.

Explore, innovate and deliver—ZKTeco’s promise

ZKTeco USA is a globally celebrated business focused on delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer place for all its inhabitants. ZKTeco USA brings to market a wide range of solutions including Smart Identity Authentication Applications, Smart Entrance Control Applications — for both pedestrians and vehicles, and Smart Office Applications. The firm’s touchless solutions are designed to enhance safety & security while also improving upon efficiency & the end-user experience through automation. 

 ZKTeco USA is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm focuses on marketing, selling, servicing, and maintaining products and warranties for the entire ZKTeco product range sold throughout the US and Canada.

Why choose ZKTeco USA over its competitors?

ZKTeco is world-renowned for its product quality, technical innovation, performance, dependability, and speed-to-market.  The firm’s solutions are cost-effective, flexible, and comprehensive. 

ZKTeco’s flexible solutions often interoperate with their customers’ existing systems, in so doing protecting customers’ past technological investments. No need to rip & replace.  The firm’s solutions are the most cost-effective because they manufacture almost everything themselves. ZKTeco’s production costs are far lower than their competitors and their economies of scale are marvelous. The firm gladly shares its vast cost savings with its customers.  

ZKTeco also has the most wide-ranging security product line in the industry. The firm’s products range from simple RFID & QR code readers to advanced biometric door controllers, turnstiles, walk-through metal detectors, and even x-ray inspection scanners. ZKTeco provides 1-stop shopping which saves customers time and resources during procurement. These are just a few of the various reasons why OEMs, software developers, resellers, integrators, and end-users from more than 100 countries around the world turn to ZKTeco to help address their many business & technology challenges.

ZKTeco USA’s product offerings

Touchless Solutions

Want help in selecting a touchless security solution for your visitors and employees, look no further as ZKTeco has got you covered. The firm offers a wide range of touchless solutions for access control purposes including facial recognition systems, retina scanners, and voice recognition-based access control systems.

The firm also offers a wide range of access control panels and kiosks, such as:

Access Control

For customers who want to restrict facility access to only paying members, permitted guests, and employees, ZKTeco offers a comprehensive line-up of RFID, Bluetooth, PIN, and biometric authentication solutions.


ZKTeco’s turnstiles implement a visual and physical security solution. They combine with ZKTeco’s biometrics and access control solutions to provide a robust and comprehensive security system.

Here is the wide range of turnstiles systems offered by ZKTeco:

  • Optical turnstiles
  • Flap barrier turnstile
  • Full height turnstile
  • Tripod turnstile

Metal Detectors & X-Ray Scanners

For any organization or business to protect its real estate and human resources it needs to invest in metal detectors and X-Ray scanners to weed out the chances of bombing, being taken hostage, or other lethal scenarios. Therefore, metal detectors and x-ray baggage scanners are vital in a high-security environment.

These are some of the metal detectors and x-ray scanners ZKTeco makes for its customers:

  • Walk through detectors
  • Hand-held detectors
  • 5030 scanners
  • 6040 scanners
  • 10080 scanners

Camera Solutions

For customers who want to help reduce the total number of communal surfaces touched by visitors and employees, ZKTeco offers a massive range of cameras to keep an eye on your premises — always.

Helping organizations safeguard themselves with a wide range of access control solutions

Manish Dalal is the President and Founder of ZKTeco USA. He is a visionary entrepreneur and a CEO with a demonstrated background in Instrumentation Engineering. Manish is a graduate of Bombay University and highly polished expertise and skill set in areas of hardware, microcontrollers, embedded systems, SAAS business models, Web3, and Metaverse identity management.

“Your complete & personalized physical security provider.”

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