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Zurple uses technology and data to help agents build relationships with prospective clients in creative, scalable ways

Zurple uses technology and data to help agents build relationships with prospective clients in creative, scalable ways

Zurple provides thousands of Realtors with a robust marketing automation platform. In August of 2013, the Inc. 5000 ranked Zurple the 33rd fastest growing company in America. In 2014, Zillow selected Zurple as one of two launch partners of its Tech Connect Technology Integration Partnership program. Zurple was acquired by the Perseus Group in August of 2015.

Q. Why Zurple?

Start Conversations with Your Leads

Zurple intelligently engages leads on your behalf by sending personalized emails to each lead from your email address. The emails reference specific properties and market data that will be valuable to the lead based on the lead’s behavior.

These personalized emails demonstrate you are paying attention to your lead’s needs and are a market expert in ways that personally matter to them.

Receive Timely Lead Contact Alerts

Zurple notifies you immediately when the time is right to contact a specific lead based on the lead’s behavior. Each notification recommends specific properties and market data to reference to start a conversation that will be optimally relevant and valuable to the lead.

Generate Leads in the Markets You Prefer

Zurple can target subareas and not just cities and zip codes. By limiting paid traffic on Google and elsewhere to your specific area, Zurple optimizes your marketing budget by only advertising to your most valuable audience.

Drive Leads into Zurple Software

Many Zurple customers purchase search engine marketing services from Zurple to ensure a steady flow of new leads each month are driven into their Zurple software. In addition, about half of Zurple customers pull in leads they generate from Zillow or other sources.

Case study to prove the success of the company

Zurple Brings Lead Nurturing Success: Danny has been in the real estate industry for over 18 years following a "client first" philosophy. Danny has an exemplary reputation in the industry. This was achieved by being accessible, having effective communication, and responding quickly to his client's needs. 

Since 1976, First Team Real Estate has helped hundreds of thousands of homebuyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. Beginning with just one office in Huntington Beach, they have grown to 29 office locations across Southern California with over 2,000 real estate agents and service professionals. First Team Real Estate is the #1 independent real estate company in Southern California because they capture the highest sales volume and provide the best tools for selling your home.

Software Industry Manager to High Performing Realtor

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Danny was in the software development industry managing departments such as sales and finance. Danny entered the real estate industry as a real estate investor of income properties spanning over several states such as California, Nevada, and Florida just to name a few. In 2009, Danny joined the First Team Real Estate team and throughout a great career became their #1 agent in 2018 with $15-$20 million in annual sales. Danny continues to deliver a 5-star customer experience along with protecting their best interest.

“As my career as an agent grew, I realized that I can't keep up with lead nurturing on my own.”

Zurple to the rescue: After being a real estate professional for 8 years, Danny realized that in order to maintain success, online lead generation would be extremely important. Having a software development industry background, Danny knew technology would help extend his reach and effectiveness. Danny also realized that with online leads, the need to nurture them through their real estate journey would be key. In November of 2017, Danny signed up with Zurple and he quickly grew impressed with the automated follow-up that the Conversation platform offered, along with the ability to review stats related to his lead’s behavior. With a significant portion of his time spent with clients, this allowed Danny to remain focused on his “client first” philosophy in person as well as online. From there, his business quickly improved.

“When I started with Zurple's Conversations platform, I also started with At this time, I ultimately started working on online lead capturing. I quickly learned that the leads I received from Zurple were higher quality that the other online leads I was generating.”

The Conversations platform intelligently engages leads on Danny’s behalf by sending personalized emails to each of his leads from his email address. The email notifications from the Conversations platform also helped Danny stay on top of his online leads. It allows Danny to reference what he sees in the system regarding communications to his leads when reaching out.

Since joining with Zurple, Danny has over 800 leads being nurtured by Zurple with over 100 leads keeping consistent communication. Danny now maintains being one of the higher performing agents in Orange County, California. Danny has extensive experience in all market conditions and has helped clients successfully navigate through all market swings. With the Zurple Conversations platform, Danny can remain being a high performer.

Robert Vickers, President

“Zurple provides thousands of Realtors with a robust marketing automation platform.”

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