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Kanye West’s Twitter account has been reinstated after suspension

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 Kanye West Twitter account reinstated

Rapper Kanye West, legally known as Ye, has had his Twitter account reinstated after months of suspension, following his anti-Semitic tweets.

The social media site X, formerly known as Twitter, has reinstated Kanye West's account almost eight months after he tweeted a picture of a swastika combined with a star of David.

Towards the end of last year, the rapper-producer-and-designer known professionally as Ye launched a string of anti-Semitic tirades on social media and in interviews. After that, his account was locked, but he was quickly readmitted.

He praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis less than a week after returning to the platform before posting the swastika picture. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, imposed a formal suspension as a result, which has since been lifted.

According to X, who was cited by The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Ye would not be able to monetize his account, which was a feature added earlier this year that allows users to subscribe to specific accounts whose profiles are otherwise private.

Ye's account was restored after X allegedly received guarantees that he wouldn't abuse the site by posting offensive or anti-Semitic remarks. Ye claimed in March that after seeing Jonah Hill in the film 21 Jump Street, he "likes Jewish people again."

He hadn't tweeted since before the suspension as of Sunday morning. On December 1, the day before losing access to his account, he wrote in one of his last posts, "Cancel cancel-culture."

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