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The Dark Side Of Social Media: How Is It Affecting Children Today?

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The Dark Side Of Social Media: How Is It Affecting Children Today?

Social media can be an interesting place that can help users in meeting new people. There are many reasons why social media has become quite popular among Internet users in recent years. But this popularity of social media has also given rise to some serious cyber crimes that can be dangerous. So when it comes to young children accessing social media, the probability of them experiencing something uncomfortable online has increased greatly. It is quite obvious that young children cannot be stopped from accessing the Internet due to its various uses.

ExpressVPN’s survey reveals that 22% of young children have experienced some sort of bullying online. It is also a huge concern that younger users do not know much about the dangers of social media and are more prone to falling prey to scammers and predators on the Internet. Parents have also expressed concern about the lack of knowledge that young children have about the dangers of social media. Even though social media can be an exciting place, it is equally dangerous due to the number of cyber criminals present on these platforms.

Why Is Social Media Dangerous

Social media is quite useful for many things, and it cannot be denied that certain platforms are also helpful for younger users. However, multiple issues, like cyberbullying and predatory activities, increase the dangers of being on social media. Even adults have fallen into the trap of online scammers. So, there is a responsibility on the shoulders of parents of young children to protect them from the negative aspects of using social media.

Negative experiences on social media at an early age can leave a lasting impact on the minds of young children. That is why platforms like Instagram and Twitter are unsafe places for young children, especially without parental supervision.

How Can Social Media Impact Children

Social media can impact young children drastically if they are not protected. Incidents like cyberbullying and internet trolling are one of the most common issues children can face. Additionally, young children are also more prone to fall for online scams as well. However, the most dangerous issue for young children having unsupervised access to social media can be the presence of predators. Many predatory activities happen on social media.

Everyone has access to social media platforms these days, so there is no guarantee about who has ill intent against children. Parents need to be very aware of who their children are talking to online so that they can warn them against any suspicious people. There have been instances of children admitting that people have enquired them about their addresses or their school’s location. These small conversations can lead to something dangerous if they are not stopped effectively.

It is also quite apparent that incidents like cyberbullying can leave lasting impressions on the young minds of children. Similarly, young minds are not meant to experience inappropriate content or face uncomfortable situations online. Predators know that they are in a position of power when they are interacting with a child online, and they can easily manipulate them to do their bidding. Such incidents can leave children psychologically damaged and can result in them isolating themselves or going into depression.

How To Prevent Cyber Crimes Against Children

There are many reasons why children must be protected while they access social media platforms. One o the best ways to do that is to set up parental controls on all the devices. Parents must also keep track of their child’s online activity. Children must be educated about what information they should not provide online. This includes their age, gender, address, and personal information that could be incriminating.

Parents should also communicate about the dangers of social media and encourage their children to openly communicate about any suspicious people they might meet online. It is beneficial if parents are aware of any people their child interacts with regularly. Parents should also install firewall software on all their devices.  This will ensure thor children do not visit inappropriate websites or download malicious software.

It is important to respect the privacy of young children when they access social media, but it is equally important to intervene in case they are experiencing something negative or dangerous. Parents must look out for any sudden behavioral changes in their children and try to find the root cause of these changes. They should also communicate with their child’s friends so that they can find out what is troubling their child.


Social media is quite a dangerous place for young children to experience. It can not be denied that social media and the Internet, in general, can be quite useful for young children. However, there are many reasons why younger users should not have unsupervised access to social media platforms. There is also a lack of knowledge about the various dangers of social media among younger generations, and they should be educated about them. It is also the responsibility of parents that they should talk to their children about the negative effects of social media and the problems they can face on social media platforms.

Open communication with children will help them communicate about any suspicious activities, as well as build a sense of trust within them. Restricting social media access for younger children is not the solution, and they must be taught about certain ways to protect themselves.

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