Mobile industry is looking for trackers to restrain covid-19 spread


Mobile industry is looking for trackers to restrain covid-19 spread

In order to constrain Covid-19, the mobile phone industry created a global data-sharing system that can trace individuals around the globe. A senior official at GSMA is in talks with all companies that can help in this system’s creation via mobile phones.

The downside of developing this kind of system would be, breaching privacy and security. Until now the use of mobile phone tracking in the fight against Covid-19 has been restricted to national governments, which are either monitoring data within their borders or in discussions with mobile operators and technology companies about doing so.

The included ones are US, India, Poland, Iran, Singapore, Israel and South Korea. While the concept of creating trackers can help trace the spread of the disease, at the same time it is scary too.

The GSMA observes that 750 mobile phone operators are showing keen interest in developing this system. This can set international standards for companies.

“In this emergency situation, the GSMA and its members are doing everything they can to help the global fight against Covid-19,” Mats Granryd, the director of the GSMA, said in a statement emailed to the Guardian. “We are engaging with operators, policymakers and international organisations around the world to explore viable mobile big data and AI solutions to fight this pandemic while adhering to principles of privacy and ethics.”

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