A Guide to Keeping Your Phone Clean


A Guide to Keeping Your Phone Clean

Most of us are doing everything we can to keep ourselves, and our families, safe from the novel Coronavirus. The media is full of precautions and advice such as washing your hands frequently, wearing a face mask, and avoiding touching your face. But one thing many people fail to account for is their mobiles. Our phones touch many surfaces before they come into contact with our hands and faces, and could, therefore, pose a risk to our health.

According to one study by The University of Arizona in 2012, our cellphones carry ten times more bacteria than our toilet seats. If you wash your hands and then a few moments later, pick up your phone, you might be undoing some of the excellent work you have just done. Another study by the Journal of Hospital Infection studied COVID-19 in particular. They concluded that the novel Coronavirus could stay on surfaces like grass, plastic and metal for up to nine days!

The good news?

The same study showed that COVID-19 can be effectively inactivated by proper surface disinfection.

However, you need to be mindful how you wash your phone; please do not put it in the sink with water and handwash, it will break. Furthermore, whilst alcohol wipes are bad for germs, they are not great for your phone either. Smartphones have an oil-repellent coating to prevent fingerprints and smudges, and harsh chemicals can damage this. How much damage, depends on the manufacturer.

Instead, a safe option would be soapy water on a lint-free cloth and gently wipe over your phone. But there is an issue with this too. You do not want water in any openings of your phone, and therefore if you have any cracks, this could pose a problem. Furthermore, it is hard to clean your phone this way when you are out and about, which is when you might need to the most. 

The solution? Buy a screen protector and place it on top of your phone. Not only does this protect your phone from damage, but it also creates a barrier to your phone. As a result, you should easily be able to wipe down your phone with alcohol wipes. You can find products from this PPE supplier to help you to keep safe from Coronavirus.

If you frequently speak to people on the phone, you may also want to consider purchasing headphones so that you can talk to people handsfree, thus removing the need to put your phone to your face.

If you are determined to take steps to keep yourself safe, then considering surfaces such as your phone and tablet are a must. If you want further advice on this, then check out this Healthline article.

And be sure to take measures to protect your phone from damage. Whilst you can clean some phones down with alcohol wipes without a screen protector, others it might damage. Therefore research your manufacturer and find out what their advice is.

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