Android 11 will come with Wireless Car connectivity as standard


Android 11 will come with Wireless Car connectivity as standard

With the advancement in smartphones and connected IoT devices, Cars too have become smart with connected consoles and wireless connectivity. We like to use the car console and infotainment system on the go. Although Apple Car play has been famous among car manufacturers and consumers. Android Auto wireless service was available too from as early as  2015, but limited to only Pixel devices and select Samsung Galaxy devices. Also, people who needed to stream music via their Phones had to connect cables to do so.

Now Google has decided to make it available to all the devices running the latest Android 11, irrespective of the OEM's. With this, anyone with a phone running Android 11 and connected to 5 GHz Wi-Fi in the vehicles can use the wireless Android Auto feature.

Although, the cars should also have wireless functionality of 5GHz Wi-Fi to connect. In Russia and Japan, the facility is not available due to the local laws. Also in Europe, there are some restrictions in using 5 GHz Wi-Fi in vehicles.

However, only a bunch of manufacturers have this feature for now and others will implement it soon. It can be a relief to people who want a seamless extension of their phone screens when driving and display important information on the dashboard itself, without having to check the phone every time. With time it will be a massive success as Android is the most used mobile OS globally.

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