Alexa Google's Android Auto gets a new feature

Google's Android Auto gets a new feature


Google's Android Auto gets a new feature

Google developed Android Auto which is a mobile application to replicate features from an android device to a car’s compatible in-dash information and entertainment head unit.

Google added a new feature to Android Auto; it checks your entire contact list. That is not all there is some more; this application turns a recently bought car dashboard into a simple and familiar interface. Android Auto will now manually scroll through your contact list to call anyone when needed.

Users have 3 options to call and while it may sound like a feature that should have already existed, Google could have limited its browsing options to keep driver's eyes on the road. Before this update, Android Auto users had three ways of making phone calls.

You just have to say “OK Google, call Mom” and then you have to select numbers from the list displayed from favorites, recently added or missed and received calls. Basically, this process is manually dialing the number.

What instructions should you follow to operate the application? It is simple, you have to click on the hamburger menu which will be in the top-left corner and then appears contacts where Android users can scroll down to see the contact list. Well, it is not as dangerous as you think Google has only given unrestricted browsing access while the vehicle is stopped.

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