You may need to gesture to go back on Android Q

android q back gestures

Soon, you may need to say bye-bye to Android’s back button entirely. You’ll need to gesture towards the left of the home button if you want to go back, at least, that’s what Android Q is thinking of doing. Leaked reports from an early code-set with the codename Q from Android suggest that the days of the back button are coming to an end.

Currently, on the Android 9 Pie phones, like Google’s Pixel, the back button appears only when needed. Other Android 9 phones have the traditional 3 buttons, but some phones have brought out gesture controls for the users to get used to it and rid the navigation bar altogether! Similar gesture controls are present on the latest iPhones as well.

There is still no certainty that the gesture controls will be implemented in mobile devices. It might still be difficult to navigate between apps with just gestures. Surely, Android will come up with something that isn’t too complicated to use. 

However, if individual phones have different ways of going back or going home, it’s going to be a difficult task. When you buy your next new phone, just hope the device takes you where you want to go when you move your hands and fingers!