Apple releases updates for iCloud.com


Apple releases updates for iCloud.com

Apple has updated its iCloud.com website with support for mobile browsers which means it is possible for iPhone users to access their notes, documents and other content directly through an iPhone or Android Smartphone’s internet browser.

Till now, users were only able to access their content through a desktop browser; a loophole enabled mobile access but the quality was poor. An Apple device owner can access their iCloud account through a web browser but for Google and Microsoft; the company offered ways to access certain products through its online platform.

The latest online web app feature is quite useful especially if you’re away from your Mac. Through the latest feature users can access presentations, photos, and similar content by simply signing into your iCloud account. It is also possible to use Apple’s ‘Find’ feature when your mobile is lost.

Till now, iCloud.com was only accessible from mobile by putting the browser in ‘desktop mode’. And for tablet users, the feature was enough, but mobile users had trouble with the desktop mode as it doesn’t work well on small screens.

The new rollout was done by Apple recently with the launch of native iCloud.com support for mobile browsers. ‘Apple Insider’ first revealed the new feature to sign in to iCloud account using a web browser. Mobile users can only access Find iPhone, Notes, Photos, and Reminder for now.

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