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Fleksy keyboard for Android now let's users play video


Fleksy keyboard for Android now let's users play video

Before Gboard got popular in the virtual keyboard ecosystem, Fleksy was the most popular app and it is back with a new add-on that lets the users’ stream video. Fleksy does this by partnering with Vboard. The latest add-on allows users to type out messages while playing videos over the keyboard.

We’ve all at some point of time wanted to share a video while chatting or watching a video but felt too lazy to switch the app but later forgot about even watching it.

And that’s exactly where Fleksy’s newest mini-app comes to the rescue; users can now simply tap the Vboard Fleksy app and look for videos right then and there. Users can share it instantly with another tap. There’s nothing out there that is more convenient than Fleksy’s app in the mobile environment.

Fleksy lists a number of video sources that are ready to stream already with its Vboard collab. It includes MSNBC and CBS for news and ESPN for sports. But the irony is that Fleksy couldn’t include YouTube in this platform.

Fleksy’s innovation was termed as unwanted by the internet community earlier but the latest feature could be of help to those who want to multitask.

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