Diamond glass can now be a part of foldable phone screens


Diamond glass can now be a part of foldable phone screens

The phones that we commonly use today may soon become a thing of the past. As the technology has evolved rapidly, it has brought in highly advanced foldable phones which have taken hardware and software achievements to a whole new level.

But the challenge that still persists is with regard to the glass of a foldable phone’s screen which cannot afford to have an ordinary display like other mobile phones. So, to address this issue, few companies have come up with their own ways and ideas of using diamond glass as a part of the making of foldable phone’s display screen.

Bendable glass for foldable phones is something that is being sought out with craze. But it is still in development and may replace the plastic screens soon. The robustness and flexibility of these hard glasses make them a better choice over the regular plastic glasses which are exposed to vulnerabilities like scratches, and scrapes. Moreover, they are more likely to break from pressure, water, and sharp objects.

With the incorporation of diamond glass in the making of foldable phone’s display screen, the prices are going to soar. It will make the phone a tough sell. But despite the high prices, foldable phones do carry a strong potential to make a shift from an expensive buying option to a serious product in the near future.

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