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Google launches revamped ‘Collections' tab on Android


Google launches revamped ‘Collections' tab on Android

Last year Google had introduced activity cards and now the company is building upon that feature and has brought out the revamped ‘Collections’ feature that helps users find and share content related to things they’ve searched and saved.

Google has used artificial intelligence to group similar pages a user has visited over time based on their activity. These grouped pages are referred to as “suggested collections”, and it is possible to view these suggested collections within the Collections tab on Google’s desktop website and mobile.

It is also possible to get rid of the option if the user feels uncomfortable with Google’s activities. According to Google, the latest tab can also show other related content that the user might be interested in based on the collection. This can be utilized by making use of the “Find More” button, which reveals new content within the saved collection when tapped.

Additionally, Google now allows its users to share these Collections with family or friends using the new “Share Collection” feature. The user can control whether the recipient can just view the collection or make changes to it. Also, the collection can be made private anytime.

According to the company, the update will roll out globally in a few weeks and users in the US can access it starting this week.

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