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Chrome has Google Duplex That Now Lets You Buy Movie Tickets


Chrome has Google Duplex That Now Lets You Buy Movie Tickets

Google first revealed about Duplex in I/O conference at the beginning of this year and had demonstrated its capability to book restaurants or services. Now the company is further expanding its services and Duplex is preparing to help its mobile users to book movie tickets.

Duplex is a combination of many technologies like Google Assistant, Search and Knowledge Graph, language processing, and machine learning. When Sundar Pichai CEO of Google first demonstrated the Duplex, it made a real-world conversation with a receptionist for a salon appointment. But that was just the tip of the iceberg as Duplex is now capable of filling forms with the data that you provide.

Google had also proved Duplex’s ability to make hotel and car reservations in Chrome for Android. Many of these services don’t involve talking but it is more about selecting options and filling out forms on the web with the help of personal information that Google already has on us.

The movie ticket booking process involves choosing a movie, selecting a booking site and sometimes if the other party has Duplex support, the whole process can be automated. But you’ll be asked for some specifics like how many tickets or seats you want to take etc.

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