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Google Duo on web can be accessed without a phone number


Google Duo on web can be accessed without a phone number

Google has made it possible for users to make Duo calls on the web without having to link their phone numbers.

According to ‘Android Police’ who reported this, Google’s video calling service now allows users to make and take calls without linking their mobile number to the account. But importantly this doesn’t fully work with G Suite accounts. Currently, web users can place calls if they have a G Suite account but will not be able to receive any calls.

Now, if a user has signed into a standard Google account, they can visit and sign-in with an account that hasn’t linked a phone number. Further, Google will let the user access the main Duo site without asking to add the mobile number. On the main site, the user can search for existing contacts to place both audio and video calls.

The only way a user can receive calls on the web is if a standard Google Duo account places a call to the email address the user has linked to a Duo account. But the issue here is that these email-only Duo accounts that don’t have a mobile number attached to them don’t show up in standard Duo users' contact list and will also be not able to search for them. The standard users can only call them if they appear within their recent contact list.

Also, Google will keep-on putting up warnings while using an email-only Duo account with pop-ups suggesting that you add your phone number. And if you’re using a G Suite account, you’ll be blocked right at the entry and will be asked to enter your phone number to continue using the app.

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