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Google brings out Dynamic Gmail for Android and iOS


Google brings out Dynamic Gmail for Android and iOS

Google is trying to bring out the best version of its Gmail using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and is now introducing the “dynamic email” which is more interactive and intuitive in both Android and iOS platforms.

Google brings in a lot of features in the dynamic email like the ability to interact with calendar invites, respond to questionnaires, and browse catalogs right from a message. Also with the new feature, Google enables the user to comment on Google Docs thread right from the email notification.

Dynamic email thus helps you save time from having to open the Gmail app and lets you deal with the messages right away. Also, the feature will make the messages more current; meaning your order updates, job listings, etc will be up-to-date whenever you check the app.

The dynamic email rolled out to the desktop earlier this July and now Google is extending the services to mobile platforms. Users can expect the rollout in another couple of weeks for both free accounts and G suite customers.

Other platforms like Yahoo Mail,, etc have also announced support. Also, other senders besides Google Docs who support the interactive format include, Doodle, OYO rooms, and more. Users will also have the option to disable the dynamic email and use the static email if they want to.

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