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Google launches Envelope for phones


Google launches Envelope for phones

The tech giant Google recently introduced three new apps as part of Digital Wellbeing initiative. The main idea behind these apps is to help people disconnect from their phones as much as possible.

As a matter of fact, mobile phones have essentially become an integral part of people’s lives and have exposed them to various kinds of risks. Considering the growing concern over the present scenario, these apps, developed by Google, are an effort to help people minimize their involvement with phones.

Out of the three apps, the ‘Envelope’ app is available only for Pixel 3A users who have to download it from the Google Playstore. Google asks its users to take a print out of the PDF provided by the Envelope app, tear the template, seal it with glue and fold it into a physical envelope so that they can wrap their phones into the paper envelope.

And once it’s sealed some of the few things that this app allows you to do are – dial phone numbers, use speed dial or keep track of time by flashing the numbers on the number pad. The app is also available in GitHub.

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