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Google offers additional reading suggestions on iOS


Google offers additional reading suggestions on iOS

The Google search app on iOS has a new feature to offer. The new feature has been updated to introduce ‘related content’ section to keep the users browsing, rather than exiting from the app. The related content list will appear at the bottom of the web pages that you visit while using the Google app.

Let’s say that you’re browsing on the Google app. Now, as you’re on a web page using the app, you should be able to swipe up to see additional articles that could be of interest. You only need to tap to read an article about that subject and the app may offer suggestions of other related articles once you’ve finished.

It was seen that these suggestions appear at the bottom of the app’s interface, below the “G” button, but they aren’t visible as you’re scrolling down to read the page you’ve landed on. Interestingly, the additional bar will only appear when you’ve finished reading and have begun to scroll back up.

Also, in case you’re digging into a topic, it could be easy to jump through the various suggestions to keep reading more. If this actually keeps up, it could lead the user into one of those Google Search holes, where you keep reading more content as one thing leads to another. Google surely wants users to stick to it!

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