Alexa ‘Google photos app' new version is all set with advanced features
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‘Google photos app' new version is all set with advanced features


‘Google photos app' new version is all set with advanced features

Google continue its mission to make Google photos a better storage service. This is just sounding awesome. When it was introduced in 2015 by Google, since from then it has been improving in all forms by adding more advanced features at its best way.

Google photos back-ups and store all your videos and photos. It is built with an unlimited storage of 16 megapixels for photos and videos up to 1080p resolution. And this is a fantastic software output by   Google. Now the app is advanced and can adjust shaky videos, the new version of Google Photos (2.13) for Android has a new video stabilization feature that will help to correct unsteady footages and hope to make it watchable to its users.

Google is doing something very interesting and we are sure you will like it. Nothing is going to hit the hardware optical image stabilization that’s built into your phone. The only thing that matters here are whether the software video stabilization is same to the electronic video stabilization were Google is thinking of to fix shaky videos on the Pixel and Pixel XL.

If you want to experience the new advanced feature then you must update your Google Photos app to the latest version, and then choose a video. To do this here are the instructions -Tap on the pencil "edit" icon and then tap "stabilize." Stabilization process time differs that depends on the size or length of your video. And video stabilization in Android is activated only for small time. If you are looking to stabilize videos in iOS and still if it doesn’t work, no worries.  You can upload your videos in Google Photos from your iOS device, and then use an Android device with the updated Google Photos app to get fixed and stabilized, later you can upload your videos. 

Since Google is coming up with so many ideas, it is looking forward to give us a glance of some new photos features. So why waiting?  Go for it.

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