Google search on desktop design adds new website Icons


Google search on desktop design adds new website Icons

Google is beautifying its search results on desktop design with a couple of icons. These icons were first found in Google Search on mobile devices.

According to Google, these new developments are aimed to help users identify results better so that they could get a better grasp of which site they were going to click on. The latest rollout has also added ‘Ad’ in bold icons to help users distinguish advertisements from the search results.

The search engine giant calls the latest update a ‘visual refresh’; similar to something they rolled out on mobile devices last year. Google had tweeted the images of the latest website icons and how they look like on the search results title for each listing. Desktop users received the style change earlier this week.

When the update was rolled out in mobiles last year, Google had mentioned that this new style helps ‘guide’ users through the results. Also, Google has moved the website’s URL right above the results page’s title with the icon aligned to its left. But the latest update doesn’t affect the quick links or page snippets.

Google also explained how this change will help brands; the new style will put the company’s brand ‘front and center’ thus making it more visible when users go through the results. The companies can also put their preferred icon within the search results.

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