Google introduces a new feature to shop from search results


Google introduces a new feature to shop from search results

Google Shopping had quite a revamp last year and now Google is updating its shopping experiences on Google Search, on mobile. With the latest update, users can simply search for clothing, shoes or accessories and Google will present a new section where it will preview the most popular products from stores around the web.

For instance, you could simply search “leather belt” or “shoes” and Google will provide you with a list of items in a new visual guide. Further, you can filter the search and look for style, department or size type. Also, Google will tell you how many stores carry that particular product along with the lowest price.

These changes will help users particularly when they are trying to find all the stores that carry one particular item. There will also be customer reviews associated to guide the users. And once they find the right item, they can just click on the link to the store and shop.

This new feature comes from Google’s search index, which has organized products from millions of online stores. It also refreshes the information regularly. Google also points out that this shopping feature isn’t a paid advertisement for retailers but makes way for participating retailers to list their eligible products for free.

Google has been focusing on retail for a while now and has several apps in support of online retailers. But with this new update, it’s evident that Google is trying hard to be the “go-to platform” for finding everything which is currently ruled by Amazon.

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