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Google will help you develop your pronunciations now


Google will help you develop your pronunciations now

People nowadays rely on Google for everything and it seems like that is exactly what the company wants as it keeps on adding ways for people to depend on it. Google now lets its users practice their pronunciation in the Google search with the help of speech recognition and machine learning.

The Google Search already had the option to listen to a word by tapping on the speaker icon in the search result. This is enough for users who can easily understand the language but what if you wanted to practice pronouncing that particular word properly? Now, Google search has your back as it lets you practice any word easily.

The latest “Practice” button will now help users pronounce in Google’s search results. By clicking on this button, users can activate the microphone in their mobile which will listen to how the user speaks out the word. Google recognizes a voice using its well-developed machine learning and speech recognition software and tells the user if they’ve pronounced correctly.

At times, while searching for a word, it is also possible that you may not know what that word actually is. Google has added a picture for a certain subset of words to understand the word perfectly. Since all foreign words cannot be displayed, Google is starting with nouns in English and other language translations.

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