Hela Bio A New Smartwatch That Can Measure Blood Glucose Levels


Hela Bio A New Smartwatch That Can Measure Blood Glucose Levels

While Apple seems to lead the SmartWatch category, this time, it is Hela Bio, which is introducing a unique feature to test blood sugar level without even pricking your fingers. The Hela Bio smartwatch is not just a fitness tracker but a smartwatch that can measure blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and heart rates. The smartwatch has already gained over US$200,000 in crowdfunding.

Hela Bio, the company behind the smartwatch, has received US$203,876 in crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Interestingly, the Hela Bio can read glucose levels from sweat. As per Hela Bio, the main selling point of Hela Bio is its '100% pain-free, non-invasive' way of measuring glucose levels. Unsurprisingly, Hela Bio Smart Watch is pitching its smartwatch towards diabetics and athletes.

The Hela Bio is based around replaceable glucose sensors, which come in packs of six for US$78. Each sensor lasts 14 days, so five packs would last you just over a year. Hela claims that the device can monitor your sleep, heart rate, and even blood pressure, although there is no SpO2 sensor. Additionally, there is also a GPS module.

Hela Bio comes in two variants, although they are essentially the same device. Moreover, Hela Bio can measure lactic acid levels, although only via a 'Lactate Sensor' that is unavailable to purchase on their website for now. Over US$200,000 has already been funded for the Hela Bio smartwatch. The production has already started for the users who have ordered, while the deliveries will start by November 2020.

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