Instagram gets rid of IGTV button


Instagram gets rid of IGTV button

In 2018, Instagram launched a new service called IGTV, an exclusive platform for sharing and finding videos. Over a million people downloaded the app but compared to Instagram’s billion user base the app was a huge failure among the users. And now, Instagram has decided to take away the IGTV button from the main app.

The button in the main app was intended for Instagram users who wanted to try out the service using the main app. The IGTV button was located on the upper right-hand side of the mobile app. It’s was an icon that featured old-school TV with antennas. As of now, the company has completely removed the icon and Instagram’s clean UI is back.

A Facebook spokesperson stated that the removal of IGTV icons from the main app was because ‘very few’ users were actually tapping on it and most of the active users find IGTV videos through the Instagram app’s main feed or through the Explore tab’s dedicated IGTV channel. This has led to the removal of IGTV button from the main app.

But more importantly, the IGTV service will continue without any hindrance and Instagram is likely to grow its service as people are now more inclined to watch videos in their mobile devices. Also, the parent company Facebook has also been trying to bring up its own video platform called Facebook Watch video.

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