Rumors are already creating a buzz around Apple's 2019 offerings


Rumors are already creating a buzz around Apple's 2019 offerings

Apple’s famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the company’s 2019 iPhone offerings will come with an improved Face ID technology.

According to Kuo, Apple is reportedly working on an upgraded Face ID camera system with a new and more powerful flood illuminator. The added feature will improve Apple’s facial recognition technology by “lowering the impacts from visible lights of environment,” says Kuo.

Apple’s new smartphones, starting from iPhone X, uses a recognition system called Face ID to unlock the device and authorize payments. Face ID uses a combination of light projectors and sensors to take several images of your facial features – and flood illuminator produces infrared light to illuminate your face. “Infrared illumination helps in enabling the face recognition to work in non-favorable conditions,” says Professor Anil Jain, who studies pattern recognition and computer vision at Michigan State University.

Apple also appears to be developing a 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera for its upcoming iPads, suggests Kuo, though the camera would not appear on next year iPhones. The camera system will allow the iPad to capture 3D models while measuring the distance of the subject using light or lasers. iPhones releasing next year will also include the removal of the 3D touch feature, the integration of three camera lenses, and the possibility of the notch being ditched.

Also, a recent report claimed that Apple has chosen Intel to supply the modems for its first 5G mobile phones, which will be launched in 2020.

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