Say hello to the world’s first foldable PC

lenovo first foldable pc

It’s already been established that it’s the era of foldable devices. We’ve been seeing new foldable phones hitting the market. Now comes the turn of PCs and Lenovo is the first out there to introduce its first foldable PC. Lenovo announced its prototype ThinkPad that seamlessly blends into the foldable tech world. Interestingly, Lenovo has been working on the ThinkPad for nearly three years now and it states that the device will be ready for launch in 2020.

A foldable PC- how does that work?

Lenovo has a goal in mind. The idea is to launch ThinkPad as a unique product that will belong to the family of PCs, like a laptop. Lenovo doesn’t wish to add its foldable device into the list of accessory gadgets like a tablet. The main idea here is to increase the mobility and portability of the device. The tech giant is basically trying to make a normal-sized PC into a smaller and foldable mobile version.

The specific details about the foldable PC are a 13.3-inch 4:3 2K OLED display screen. When you fold this, you’re left with a device that feels like a closed hardbound book. Lenovo says the weight of the device is less than two pounds- as far as computer weights go, that’s really light. And as far as foldable devices go, this one is faring quite well. Let’s wait for the full-fledged launch of the device next year.