Forgot to charge your phone? MIT scientists have created something easy for you!

mit researchers created electronic sheets

We will be rushing to work every morning, so we tend to forget to check if our mobile phone batteries are dead! Oops! But no worries folks, the scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have thought a solution for this: “electronic sheets”. Yes, electronic sheets are the future of charging your phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets.

Electronic sheets will be wafer-thin; bendable that has the capacity of absorbing wireless internet and other electronic waves and converting it into electricity.

Tomás Palacios, the lead researcher said, “When you have one of these energy-harvesting devices you are collecting energy 24/7 and you could be storing that in a battery to use later.”

Palacios added that your desk can be covered with an electronic tablecloth and though yours is a sitting job, it will be absorbing energy whole time.

Wifi signals in an office will be atleast more than 100 microwatts of power and yes, that is sufficient for this electrical cover to consume energy.

“In the future, everything is going to be covered with electronic systems and sensors. The question is going to be how do we power them?” said Palacios. “This is the missing building block that we need.”