Alexa Powerful 10x optical zoom in Oppo phones?

Powerful 10x optical zoom in Oppo phones?


Powerful 10x optical zoom in Oppo phones?

Oppo, a Chinese camera phone brand is quite popular among youngsters. The company is all set to announce the world’s first 10x optical zoom camera system in a smartphone. The mobile company is preparing for an event on January 16th which was announced with a tagline, as roughly translated from Chinese: “ten times the view, see you soon.”

Nearly two years ago, Oppo had similarly announced a 5x optical zoom, but it was never launched into any of its consumer product. This technology would use a periscope to angle light sideways across a lens array. Although Oppo was proud of its technology, it never saw the light of day.

For real or otherwise?

Reports and speculations regarding the powerful optical zoom system have been circulating for a while now. Earlier, it was expected to see the 10x zoom at the CES 2019 or at least at the Mobile World Congress. So far, Oppo has made no-show at the CES, but January 16 event seems promising now.

Having a 10x zoom in a smartphone is definitely exciting. However, even if Oppo does bring out a prototype of the technology, there’s still no assurance that it will be inputted into a consumer’s device. But in the current smartphone market, that is hitting a standstill-situation for new features, Oppo has a good base to release its 10x technology and we hope it does so.

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