Podcast app ‘Overcast' has new big updates


Podcast app ‘Overcast' has new big updates

The podcast app, Overcast, has got new major updates. The updates include a Voice Boost feature and an option of skipping intros and outros.

The update introduces Voice Boost 2, a much improved audio feature that makes the podcasts sound better and of high quality. According to the app developer, Marco Arment, Voice Boost 2 relies on “dramatically more sophisticated methods, leading to more consistent results and much better sound.”

On the Voice Boost update, Arment said: “Voice Boost 2 is a mastering-quality audio-processing pipeline that applies broadcast-standard loudness normalization, light compression and EQ, and a true-peak lookahead limiter to your podcasts, in real-time, without sacrificing quality or battery life.”

The improved audio-processing feature ensures that the podcast on play sounds better, volume remains consistent when switched to the next podcast and gets adjusted according to the environment.

Another latest update allows the user to skip the intros and outros of podcasts on a per-podcast basis by setting time skips. Apart from this, the users can also expect powerful support for Apple’s Airplay 2, clip sharing in private feeds and restored iOS 12 support. Overcast updates are now available for all iOS users.


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