Alexa Siri can now answer election related queries

Siri can now answer election related queries


Siri can now answer election related queries

With the US presidential election 2020 approaching, Apple has put in its share of efforts to make its devices capable of getting the full coverage of the election. And this has been made possible with Apple’s built-in voice assistant Siri, which can now answer a user’s election-related queries.

This new feature is a part of the Apple News 2020 election coverage. The extended support by Siri will cover the 2020 US election. Siri won’t certainly help the users in deciding who to vote for but can update them with live results of the election and the different races around the US during election season.

The new functionality added to Apple’s voice assistant can provide the users with both informational queries as well as real-time information. For instance, asking something like “Who is winning the New Hampshire primaries? Siri” will display an updated list of results. It can also answer the questions which need a detailed answer like “Who won the democratic lowa caucus?” by presenting a list of delegate information.

As reported by Apple, the live results will be displayed via the Associated Press. Apple News is receiving the election news from news organizations like ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and many more.

Also, the new Siri feature offers the users a link to “Full Coverage” if they want to learn more about the election.

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