Twitter DM gets updated with emoji reactions


Twitter DM gets updated with emoji reactions

Twitter is rolling out emoji reactions into its DM to further strengthen its hold on the social network and interestingly the platform is adding ‘iMessage’ like reactions in its direct messages.

Twitter has been testing this emoji reaction feature for a year, and now the social media giant decided to make it available to all users across both web and mobile platforms. Basically, the feature lets users add a reaction to direct messages using emoji.

Also, participants in the direct message thread will be able to receive a notification whenever a new reaction is added to a message. And users who haven’t updated to the latest version of Twitter will be receiving a separate message telling them of the reaction.

If you want to try out this new feature in a browser, you can just hover your mouse over a message and select the reaction button. As of now, the button consists of a heart and plus icon in web browsers. And if you’re using it on your mobile app, you’ll need to tap twice on a message in your DM and choose the ideal emoji reaction from the pop-up that appears.

It’s possible to delete the reaction (undo) but it is impossible to alter it once you’ve applied. Twitter has announced that all conversation participants will receive a notification regarding the new update and if you can’t find the option in your Twitter app it’ll likely be out in a few days, considering your app stays fully updated.



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