Uber temporarily shuts accounts in Mexico due to Coronavirus


Uber temporarily shuts accounts in Mexico due to Coronavirus

Uber recently announced that it has temporarily deactivated nearly 240 user accounts in Mexico to prevent any further spread of Coronavirus.

As posted on Twitter, the company has arrived on this decision in the wake of an incident, where the customers suspected to be infected with the virus, traveled with two Uber drivers. However, no case of Coronavirus has been reported in Mexico.

But Mexico’s health officials have confirmed the news that an Uber driver had given a ride to a Coronavirus infected person from Los Angeles, based on information from US health officials. Therefore, in an attempt to control spread of Coronavirus, Uber has suspended accounts of those two drivers along with 240 other passengers who came in contact with those drivers.

Not just this, other modes of travel have also been curtailed due to Coronavirus. Few airlines including Air Canada, British Airways and Lufthansa have stopped operating between their hubs and some major cities in China.

An Uber spokeswoman said in an emailed statement: “We have a dedicated online portal for public health authorities to contact Uber for information about riders and drivers. We will take action on any user accounts on the recommendation of those authorities.”

Uber has a big online portal that operates 24/7 that enables the health authorities to contact the company regarding information about riders and drivers.

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