Cisco is upgrading its ISR/ASR capabilities


Cisco is upgrading its ISR/ASR capabilities

In its blog post, Cisco has announced that is revising its ISR/ASR edge routers. The ISR/ASR router family will now come with SD-WAN that will improve the quality of service, WAN optimization, and VPN tunneling. Cisco will be making the upgrade possible by introducing Cisco IOS XE software to its ISR/ASR router family.

Cisco says that over a million ISR/ASR family routers are in use all over the world. The release of Cisco IOS XE will facilitate an instant upgrade to help create a cloud-controlled SD-WAN network that will connect workplaces, people, and various devices.

Additionally, the data traffic and connections are much more secure and simple with the SD-WAN implementation. There are multiple layers of security when it comes to the SD-WAN feature along with segmentation that will keep the regular traffic from mingling with the critical data. It is much easier to isolate endpoints that are compromised or infected.

Adding the SD-WAN to the existing ISR/ASR edge router family will also lower the costs, improve the reliability quotient and improve the QoS. It will, all in all, provide a premium experience while networking within a distributed system spread across a big geographical area.

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