D-Link announces new gear, promises never-seen-before speeds over 5G

d link announces 5g router

The Taiwanese Networking giant, D-Link, has announced that its new 5G enabled router is going to deliver up to 40x faster speeds than what is offered anywhere by broadband in the U.S. The gear is called DWR-2010 and the company says it will be able to harness the bandwidth capability of its wireless network fully.

If what the company promises is true then the new networking gear will allow seamless streaming of 4K videos and present zero lag for online gaming. The router is already being regarded as a great release in a year that is bound to see a huge 5G push.

The DWR-2010 is a 5G NR Enhanced Gateway router that will be able to work with other Wi-Fi routers to form a mesh network. The device will not require an RJ45 Ethernet cable or a modem for support. The device will be able to work with a very basic setup of just a 5G SIM card and a power socket to plug the router.

D-Link is yet to announce the pricing of the DWR-2010 but is tipped to launch in the second half of the year. The router has been declared as the CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree.