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Instagram users face issues due to global outage


Instagram users face issues due to global outage

The popular social media app, Instagram, saw a global outage earlier this week, causing a fury amongst users, who according to reports were 180,000 in number.

The sudden outage that caused Instagram to dysfunction is back up, after nearly 180,000 users were affected by the outage across the world.

The technical issue that disrupted users at the peak of the outage saw most users reach out on Twitter, to check whether that disruption was due to their personal connectivity or because of Meta’s popular social media app.  

Through the outage tracking device called,, media reports were able to find out that during the peak of the outage, there were more than 100,000 cases in the USA, while Canada saw 24,000 cases and Britain saw 56,000 cases.

Twitter saw the trending topic of Instagram down for the entirety of the outage; the hashtag #instagramdown was all over the app. The United States that saw most incidents, took to multiple platforms to discuss the outage. Reddit saw reports from multiple countries, including Germany, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

On May 22nd, the CNA news website, made enquires which resulted in a response via a spokesperson from Meta, stating that the company was trying their very best to brings things back to normal for Instagram, and grant access to users as soon as possible.

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