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Surpassing security concerns, Huawei helps Britain's 5G networks


Surpassing security concerns, Huawei helps Britain's 5G networks

Many nations, including the US, the UK, and others are worried about Huawei being a threat to their country’s cyber landscape. But now, there's a twist to the ban. In the UK, the Prime Minister Theresa May has signed off Huawei in helping build the nation’s telecommunications and networking technology in “non-core” areas, including antennas.

The decision faces criticism from politicians who believe the Chinese company is a threat and could be an entryway for espionage on the country. However, the National Security Council that was behind granting permission to Huawei believes that the threats can be managed. The Council believes that Huawei will be involved only in “non-core” areas of infrastructure building, where threats can be controlled and minimized.

The Trump administration is building the pressure on its domestic governments and also over other countries to not use Huawei in their network infrastructure. Australia and New Zealand also stopped Huawei in their communication landscape. However, today’s decision of the UK allowing Huawei in “non-core” infrastructure is a notable departure from the building pressure.

So far, the Chinese conglomerate has denied all involvement in espionage activities. Huawei is now fighting the US ban and is trying to prove its innocence and the ban as unconstitutional. Maybe, working with the Britain government might be a first step in setting things right for the company.

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