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IBM, Ericsson, Samsung, Intel are co-creating new-wave chips


IBM, Ericsson, Samsung, Intel are co-creating new-wave chips

To investigate and create the next-generation of semiconductors, IBM, Intel, Samsung, and Ericsson have joined forces.

This collaboration is supported by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), which has given the tech behemoths $50 million for the study as part of its "Future of Semiconductors" initiative.

The next-generation chips will be created through "co-design" efforts between the NSF and the four tech behemoths on many fronts. In order to jointly address issues with device performance, chip and system level, recyclability, environmental effect, and manufacturability, Samsung, Ericsson, IBM, and Intel have joined forces.

The NSF hopes to use the $50 million in funding to inform research needs, promote innovation, accelerate the translation of results to the market, and prepare the future workforce through this collaboration involving Samsung, Ericsson, IBM, and Intel.

The NSF's Future of Semiconductors (FuSe) Teaming Grants include this project. Independent development, according to the programme, has slowed down the creation of new methods, materials, tools, and architectural designs. The initiative sees a tremendous possibility in co-developing computing technologies in order to advance them and lower the cost of their application.

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