Increase your people network with the new Nametag on Instagram


Increase your people network with the new Nametag on Instagram

Looking for a faster way to connect with people on Instagram? There’s a new feature launched by the social networking site called Nametag. It’s especially handy to find and follow people you meet in real life. Nametag has a fun and easy way of doing things. It works by showing your username on your phone in a unique format, which can be scanned by your soon-to-be-follower.

How do you enable it? Go to your profile and select the menu button on the top right corner. Here, you’ll find the Nametag option. Select this to create your own code. And if you need to find someone, you need to scan their code by accessing the camera by swiping right on your homepage. Make sure you focus on the tag by holding down on the screen.

However, a similar feature like Nametag was already up and running on other sites. QR codes for Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat help to find people. Now finally, Instagram is joining the club globally on both Android and iOS.

Apart from Nametag, Instagram is also testing out a new biodata category at a couple of universities in the U.S. This new feature allows users to add their education, school, memberships, batch year, and so on. With all this info, you can then access a directory at the institute to find and add class/batch mates.

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