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Lumen Technologies partners with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box


Lumen Technologies partners with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box

To open a functioning data center Lumen Technologies shake hands with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box

Lumen Technologies has associated with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box to roll out a development site before the beginning of next year in Aspen, Wyoming. This site will be utilized to develop a never ending operable data center.

To remove heat, make data center cooling more effective and to conserve water, the firm utilizes liquid cooling technology. Lumen will help Wyoming to get the connectivity it requires for its data center technology and provide data on-demand to Wyoming’s customers. Additionally, Lumen will offer denial of service (DDoS) technology to avoid the company from getting attacked from hackers.

Lumen was earlier known as CenturyLink was out of the data center business n 2016 when it sold its colocation and data centers for $2.15 billion in cash and a $150 million minority stake to a consortium led by BC Partners and Medina Capital. The company used the funds from the sale of its data centers to purchase Level 3 Communications.

CenturyLink was not alone to see the challenge of operating and maintaining data center business. Windstream also sold its data center business to TierPoint for $575 million in October 2015.

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