The upcoming Wi-Fi generation gets a new name “Wi-Fi 6”


The upcoming Wi-Fi generation gets a new name “Wi-Fi 6”

WiFi keeps advancing, and it becomes complicated to determine the generation of WiFi technology your device uses. Let’s take for instance, most of us will be unaware that 802.11 ax predates 802.11 ac, so to make things easier, Wi-Fi Alliance introduces the next version WiFi -- 802.11ax -- as WiFi 6 which is said to launch next year.

This helps the customers, marketers and operators stay up-to-date apropos advanced WiFi capabilities in their devices. Now Wi-Fi 5 is used to address 802.11ac, and Wi-Fi 4 can be referred to 802.11 ac and 802.11n.

The firm stated, “Each generation of Wi-Fi offers new features – faster speeds, increased throughput, and better experiences.”

The company added, “Industry adoption of the new terminology will help users better understand the experience they can expect.”

Earlier, users had to compare their devices with standards like 802.11ac and 802.11n. The Wi-Fi Alliance said that their new technology helps in referring to previous Wi-Fi technology and it can also be applicable retroactively. This has given a new twist to networking history; well, it is a good news!

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