Alexa Nokia acquires WiFi startup Unium
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Nokia acquires WiFi startup Unium


Nokia acquires WiFi startup Unium

Nokia is planning to take a big step into the WiFi business. The company announced at the MWC that it has acquired Unium, a startup. Unium is based out in Seattle and build technology for mesh WiFi for home networking services.

The technology developed at Unium is addressing the issue of dead spots in-home WiFi arrangements. There are instances where users may not get signal or interference from other networks, and the accompanying security issues that might come alongside those. Unium’s technology is filling up for this.

Working Together

Together, Unium and Nokia will focus on extending gigabit networks within the home. This will go beyond deals that Nokia already has in areas like community and rural broadband. It will specifically extend to home gateway solutions with an extended portfolio of mesh WiFi gateways and beacons, new software to upgrade gateways, and new software for service providers and customers to monitor and optimize solutions.

“The Unium team is excited to join Nokia and drive a unique and innovative customer experience through our intelligent Wi-Fi solution, making every customer-touch better,” said Martha Bejar, CEO at Unium, in a statement. So far, the terms of the deal have not been disclosed. It’s quite evident that Nokia is looking for ways to add more value to a business that is already sizeable for it!

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