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StayTuned helps video creators publish content in all platforms


StayTuned helps video creators publish content in all platforms

If you are thinking of sharing your videos on multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat etc, we know a platform that can make things easy for you. StayTuned Digital, a networking platform founded by CEO Serge Kassardjian and Randy Jimenez helps in sharing your content to all platforms.

Serge Kassardjian, CEO said, “What’s happened is every single one of the platforms is releasing new formats, new ways to optimize, it’s constantly changing every couple of months.”

StayTuned Digital users need not worry about it at all. There are three big things that the platform does: Better the video qualities so that it can perform well on every platform, share the videos with all the platforms and measure results, give feedback into the optimization.

Kassardjian said that it would be a bad idea if anybody is getting into a media business, but then he also says, “There’s a misconception that what’s happening in the world is that media and content is dead, but there’s more media and content than ever before.”

Kassardjian said that it is impossible for publishers to deny Facebook and other platforms, and it is obvious that publishers want more traffic to advertise their properties or own subscription services unless and until they are big like Netflix.

He also said that StayTuned is not limited to traditional media companies, it works with new digital firms, e-commerce retailers, and other brands that create content.

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