3 Reasons Why It's Sensible to Screen Contractors Before Working with Them


3 Reasons Why It's Sensible to Screen Contractors Before Working with Them

Working with contractors is not always easy. First, you have to find someone you can trust with your equipment, property, and intellectual assets, but also someone who can do a good job. Things can go wrong fast when you’re working with the wrong person, and you could waste not only money but time too by having the problem fixed by someone else. Then there are the rules and regulations in your state which could further complicate things. That’s why it’s important that you do your research and know how to do it properly before you decide to work with a contractor. Here are a few reasons why it’s sensible to screen contractors before working with them.

You Could be Opening Yourself Up to Legal Trouble

Did you know that if you work with a contractor that doesn’t have their own employees covered, you might be on the hook if one of them gets injured? That’s right, in this case, you will bear responsibility for neglecting to see the contractor’s coverage before you hired them.

There are also cases where people might get injured as a result of the contractor’s actions, and in this case, again, you will be the one who is responsible if they don’t have proper coverage. So, if you want to be personally protected, you have to make sure that you check if they and their employees are insured and bonded, ask for proof of insurance, and follow up to verify.

You Want to Know if They Have Ever Had Trouble with the Law

You also want to know if the contractor you’re working with has been convicted of serious crimes, and you want to know when. We can see how hiring someone who was arrested for theft or fraud can be a problem, but you may want to check for things like assault and drug cases, among other things.

Thankfully, there are background check companies that will allow you to do that easily. Services like One Source, for instance, will allow you to perform a thorough background check on anyone you are thinking of hiring. They allow you to check for prior convictions and they also have a database of prescreened contractors. These have to be free of any convictions within the last seven years for felonies and five years for misdemeanors in addition to passing a drug test. If you want to learn more about One Source or would like to run a background check, you can find more information here.

You Want a Job Well Done

Last but not least, you also want to make sure that the contractor can actually deliver. You want to know if they have a history of delays and hidden fees. You also want to know if they provide good aftercare service. You want a contractor that will be there to honor any guarantee and be happy to do so.

Screening potential contractors is not only sensible - it’s a necessity. So, make sure that you run a thorough and complete background check on any of them, and double and triple-check their paperwork.

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