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Business opinion bill Gates: AI to bring big changes in future business

Bill Gates: AI to bring big changes in future business


Bill Gates: AI to bring big changes in future business

After successful forty four years of cofounding Microsoft, Bill Gates said that the biggest changes are yet to come in business software and artificial intelligence (AI) to play a major role and contribute to such changes. He also believes that Intelligent AI robots will soon take up the mundane tasks of humans and handle various monotonous tasks.

Bill Gates also said that Five years later AI will have a deep understanding of language of users and their business in the Microsoft’s products and softwares. With the great advance in AI technology, robots can also handle different tasks that only an experienced human assistant could perform in general.

So simpler tasks like cleaning a house, assembling tools, serving food, identifying the most important items in a bunch of emails, phone messages and gathering all the information needed for a particular meeting would be some of its major tasks that can eventually reduce the need of human work in future.

Some of the underlying technologies such as voice recognition, computer vision, and robotic arms and legs are already in advanced stage to support these mundane tasks. But others like a robotic hand with the dexterity of a human hand are yet to come and it may take few years.

Bill Gates also raises few concerns about applying AI technology to vehicles especially, the self driving cars and autonomous cars. Gates also wondered about how such giant tech companies like Google and Uber are choosing to invest in such complex and risky associated AI technologies that deals with much liability and many arbitrary situations, for example handling a situation where a person unexpectedly comes in front of the car.

Till now autonomous driving hasn’t been a major focus of the Microsoft’s own research but Microsoft provides a major platform tools to other companies which are developing self-driving vehicles.

Gates observation says that education is the major master switch for preparing young people for the demands of a reshaped job market. If we can supercharge education then we can buy many generations of workers who are well qualified to meet the required demands in future.

According to Bill Gates, “Biggest impact of AI and its implications may be decades away, but society needs to prepare from now. Getting things right with education can buy many generations where the labor market is well matched to what those demands will look like.”

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