Oracle’s Day by Day application tranquilizes HR executives and managers

oracle daybyday is new hcm module

Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation has released Day by Day enterprise analytic app which is the current HCM module. This application helps managers’ interrupt employees’ prior giving notice.

The application is now available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play. The app leverages Oracle’s predictive analytics engine and machine learning which robotizes HR executives and managers daily tasks. Over a period of time, the application understands the tasks performed by managers and HR executives and automates those requests using data, such as paid time off, within the HCM system.

“We look at about 200 different factors and bubble that up to say, ‘This person is likely to be a top performer’ or ‘This person is likely to leave the organization,” says Gretchen Alarcon, group vice president for Oracle’s human capital management strategy. “If the system predicts that someone will leave and they don’t, you’ll say, ‘Oh these factors must not apply as much in this situation,’ so it will recalibrate. We can actually pull other data up to see this relates and is impactful in the organization.”