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Oracle sucks up Zenedge


Oracle sucks up Zenedge

Zenedge is a leader in cloud-based DDoS mitigation, WAF, API protection and bot management solutions managed by top cybersecurity experts. The company helps secure critical IT systems deployed via cloud, on premise or hybrid hosting environments. The recent news is Oracle acquires Zenedge to elevate Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and Domain Name System (DNS) capabilities.

"Customers demand enterprise-grade infrastructure to run their critical business systems in the cloud," said Don Johnson, SVP of product development at Oracle. He also added that modern security threats can be solved with the acquisition of Zenedge.

Oracle also plans to escalate its AI and machine learning technology on its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product. The company might open new data centers in Europe, Asia, and America to strongly challenge Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google.

Zenedge customers were told to act as normal but with Zenedge presently providing DDoS and WAF protection for AWS, it is not sure if this will change down the line.

Zenedge’s products can be employed in cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments which claims to safeguard applications, networks, databases and APIs from baleful internet traffic.

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